Monday, October 27, 2008

That funny boy

Benjamin has been talking more and more everyday. He keeps saying the funniest things and Josh keeps telling me to post them on the blog. So here goes...

The first one that comes to mind is last summer when we were in Idaho visiting my grandma. As Benjamin and I were leaving a room, he looked at my mom and my grandma and said, "Bye two grandmas."

Later on that same trip we were playing ball outside. Benjamin kicked the ball into the garden and had to walk around a bush to get it. As he pushed the bush out of his way he said,very politely, "Excuse me flowers."

The other day I had to go to a meeting for scouts. I told Benjamin that he would have to stay home with his dad while I went to my meeting. He responded, "Daddy and Benjamin will have a meeting." The funny thing about this is that they actually did have a "meeting" while I was gone.

Yesterday Josh was teasing Benjamin by pulling on his nose and saying "I got your nose." Benjamin looked at his and said "Give nose back please." Josh, of course, "gave it back" and Benjamin replied, "Thank you Dad." Then he turned to me and said, "Daddy tricked me."

Margaret brought her dog Jose over to see Benjamin. Jose went pee on the floor and Benjamin said, "NO JOSE, go potty in the toilet!"

Josh asked Benjamin if he was ready for bed and he replied, "No way Dad."

Benjamin was talking to his dad on the phone and asked, "Dad, what are you doing?" Josh responded, "I'm at work." Benjamin said, "Did you take the bus?" "No I rode my bike." Benjamin asked, "Your bike broken?" "No I fixed it." "OH, Good job Dad."

Benjamin was playing with the phone and I asked him who he was calling. He pointed at the wall. I asked, "are you calling the wall?" Benjamin immediately said, into the phone, "Hello? Wall? How are you doing?"

Well, that's all I can think of right now. Please post if you know of any other "Benjaminisms.


  1. Look! I signed in under my name.

    Yesterday when we were watching Beauty and the Beast he told the beast to be nice when he was tearing up the room. He said the same thing during a brawl in a western show.

    I still think its funny the day we were in church. Our second councilor was announcing the program when you asked Benjamin if he had to go potty. He said, "Yes." and without further delay ran (literally) across the front of the chapel and out the opposite doors of the potty. The funniest part was Catie chasing him.

  2. Benjamin is Hilarious. He really does say some of the funniest things sometimes. love you guys

  3. I just thought of another one...One day Susan (a good friend of ours) was here. She was wearing shorts and said she needed to change her pants. Benjamin looked at me and said, "uh oh, Susan potty."

  4. Oh, My goss.. that is funny. That's just too periscous! Here I am upset about something.. and I read what bnjamins doing and it made me smile and laugh.... he has a very sweet spirit that for sure.

  5. I love those quotes. So funny. I'm glad I found your blog.