Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on UPS Post

Well, my neighbors finally brought my boxes over on Saturday night. The people who sent it said that the meds would be okay as long as we put them in the fridge by Sunday. So, we barely made it.

So, the next week when I was supposed to get my delivery, I was waiting by the door. The UPS guys knocked on my door and before I had stood up, was at my neighbors door. By the time I opened my door, he had already handed them my box. I said, "Hi, that's my package." He replied, "Oh, you're home. The box says to leave it at the door, but I can't do that." So I aksed him what I can do to make sure my very much needed medical supplies get to me before the expire. He told me that I should leave a note on my door giving him directions of where to leave it. He then proceeded to ask, "So, what's wrong with you?"

So today, I am supposed to receive some more stuff. I had to go pick up my brother from school so I put a note on my door. The note asks that if they are unable to simply leave it on my porch, they can take it to my neighbor on the other side who I know and who is usually home. They still have not come and it is now almost 6pm. I called the people who sent it and they said the UPS people have been unable to deliver it because the address label got wet and they can no longer read the apartment number. It is the same delivery guy as the last two times and I have a (Very Large) note on my door with my name and everything. Oh, well it isn't legal for them to deliver it to anything other than the place it is addressed to.

Why then, it is legal for them to deliver it to my neighbor? It's legal as long as they are knowingly delivering to the wrong person???

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  1. oh my gosh that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. its only legal when they know there doing something ill eagle.