Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We The People...

This morning as I was looking through several of my friends status updates on Facebook I was surprised at what I saw. Almost everyone of my friends has posted something about healthcare reform. Some are for it and some are against it, but this is not what has surprised me. The disturbing thing is the amount of anger and sometimes even violence directed at anyone and everyone who has a differing opinion. I have seen statements like, "Of course YOU would be for this as you have never had a good enough job that offers insurance!" or "The only reason a person would agree with this bill is if they don't know all the facts." I have also seen people attacking those who are against the bill saying things like, "This bill will help people who are uninsured. Do you not care about little children who are sick and can't get help?" And then there are the posts that say things like, "What ever happened to We the People?" or random quotes from previous political leaders describing how the political system is supposed to work.

I have heard many say that they are worried that this bill will ruin America. That we will no longer be the nation that our forefathers had intended. I think that these posts on Facebook and comments made to people at the store, church, or school are a much bigger concern and testament of what America has become.

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