Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Strongest Man

This is a copy of the Poem Josh wrote for my dad. He asked us each to share with him a special thought or memory and compiled them into this:

The Strongest Man

Walking with you as a child
My hand grasping your finger
I knew nothing could harm me
For I was with the strongest Man

You let me climb the roof
A windstorm shook my frame
I knew that I was safe;
Below me stood the strongest man

You held me on your shoulders
Giving me a new perspective
Seven feet above the world
Carried by the strongest man

Danger was in our house
Slipper in hand, ready to attack
You realized it was only your kids
But we saw it was the strongest man

With a pencil behind our ears
We prepared to work
I was your shadow
Taught by the strongest man

I got in an argument
You came to my rescue
As we drove and talked
In the arms of the strongest man

I needed a ride
Without a thought for yourself
You waited so that I could be
Driven by the strongest man

The audience frightened me
I wanted to run and cry
Then, I saw your loving smile
Encouraged by the strongest man

You had 10 children
Friends criticized your family
Enraged as a father, criticism ceased
Condemned by the strongest man

Your daughters combed your hair
Dressing you like a princess
You always had time for us to
Play with the strongest man

Our house was broken
You came with brand new tools
Our house was repaired
At the hands of the strongest man

You cradled my child in your arms
Tears streaming down your mustache
As he looked into the eyes of his Pop
Protected by the strongest man

As a child, I looked up to you
As you taught me wisdom
I knew you would always be taller
Watched by the strongest man

As we watched you in the hospital
Struggling in pain, seeking our comfort
We saw you as invincible
Because you were the strongest man

I was always first in your life
I knew that I would always be
Loved by the Strongest Man
Loved by the Strongest Man

The funeral service was beautiful. I am so glad that all of us kids were able to be there. I saw and spoke with several people who I haven't seen in many years. I was surprised that so many people remembered my dad and our family. Thank you to everyone who has helped us through prayers, support, and kind words; it really does mean a lot.

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  1. I was saddened to read about your dad. I know my prayers come late, but I hope you know that I am thinking of you. Josh's poem and letter were very heartfelt and tender. Thanks for sharing. Hope the pregnancy is going better.