Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pros and Cons

The frustrating things about pregnancy:
1- EVERYTHING makes me sick!
2- Feeling so tired I can barely move after carrying a basket of laundry upstairs
3- Random strangers feel that they should have the right to rum my stomach
4- Feeling that everything I do effects this baby: how much I do or don't sleep, what I do or don't eat etc.
5- People constantly asking how I'm feeling
6- Having to quite choir because I feel like I'm going to pass out every time I stand and sing at the same time
7- People asking really uncomfortable questions like, "Have you had any problems with hemorrhoids?"
8- Mood swings!
9- People insisting that my Dr needs to check if it's twins as they have never seen such a huge pregnant person
10- Prenatal Vitamins (Yuck!)

The things that make it all worth it:
1- buying cute blankets and outfits
2- People always offer you their seats on the bus
3- I can call my sister at anytime and she will watch Benjamin for me while I take a nap
4- Seeing how excited Benjamin was the first time he felt our baby kick
5- Realizing how much my husband loves me when after cleaning up vomit at 3am he holds me until I stop crying
6- When the nesting hormones kick in and I suddenly can't stop cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING
7- The excitement of holding her in my arms and kissing her little cheeks
8- No longer being outnumbered by boys
9- Having someone to take to mother daughter activities
10- Having the most rewarding job in the world; caring for a beautiful gift given to me by my Heavenly Father.


  1. Where do you ride the bus?

  2. I was talking about last semester when I would park at the stadium and then ride the USU shuttle to school. These buses are packed so full of students attempting to get to class on time that having someone give you their seat is a REALLY BIG DEAL!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. I think he did a great job! They made me smile.

    On your little counter I think it is very fitting for this post, how it says the, "if one more person ask how you are feeling your are gonna drop kick them to NJ"

    It will be really cool to take your daughter to mother daughter things and to see her grow through out even young womens.

    Remember Catie, the lord loves you soo much, you are one of his daughters.

    I think you are awesome.

  4. totally jealous of family being near by!

    Yucky that you're still barfing! eesh! I hear the old wife's tale that girls are harder to carry than boys. not that I know anything, but it was/is that way for me!