Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 months

Well, I am 3 months old. I have been growing a lot. I now weigh 11 pounds and 14 ounces. I have decided that it is better to sleep in the night and be awake during the daytime. Since I have been sleeping better at nighttime, Mommy isn't so grouchy. This has been a blessing to my whole family because nobody likes a grouchy mommy.

A few weeks ago mommy got really sick. She had to take some medicine that wasn't good for me so I decided to just use bottles now. I like having bottles because now Benjamin and Daddy can feed me too.

My Grandma Sani got me a really cool swing. I love sitting in it and talking to mommy while she folds the laundry.

I have had two ear infections this month. I really don't like when me ear hurts. I cry and cry and cry. The medicine my Dr gave me doesn't taste very good and it makes my tummy hurt. I hope I will be done taking it soon.

Right now I am trying to decide which I like better, my  Pacifier or my thumb. they both taste pretty good but my thumb is just always right where I need it. It's pretty convenient that way. But then the pacifier is way cuter and less slobbery so I don't know.

I really love my big-brother Benjamin. He makes funny noises and silly faces and I laugh and laugh. Sometimes he forgets that I am just little and he gets kinda rough. I think I will just have to work on growing bigger so I can play with the big kids.

I also love my Daddy, he lets me chew on his fingers. He sings to me and reads stories. He even gave me a special blessing when my ear was hurting. He sure is good at making me feel better!

Mommy is still my favorite though. I usually cry when other people try to hold me. I like when she rubs my feet and sings to me. I think she really likes when I smile and laugh, so I do it a lot.

Well that's all I have to say for now. I will be writing again next month!


  1. Totally stinking cute, your mommy sure can take cute pictures of you!!! Love ya tons and can't wait to play again

  2. Darling Daughter! I also can't believe how grown-up Mr. Benjamin is getting. Hope the ears are all clear. Thanks for sharing the fun pictures and stories.

  3. brianna your so stinking cute i miss being able to give you kisses hope that i get to see you soon. love you
    aunt sarah