Sunday, December 12, 2010

Five Months

I am five-months old! Some interesting things have been happening over here.

First, my mommy and daddy put this really weird tree in the living room. It has lots of shiny toys hanging on it and really bright lights. Now, these lights may look interesting but you should never touch them; VERY HOT!

For some reason, it is getting to be very cold outside. I really don't like that mommy puts blankets all over me and I can't move or see where we are going. I'm not so sure about this snow stuff, its cold, and wet and Benjamin likes to throw it in the house. I just don't know...

I now weigh a little over 14 pounds. I have tried eating some rice cereal, it was pretty good. Mom also gave me some Squash, I think I prefer that to the cereal. Benjamin tried to eat some of my food but he didn't really like it. Mom says he liked it when he was little but I don't think he believes her. Maybe she was just saying that to get ME to like it. You see, I think my big-brother is really great and I want to be just like him. So maybe if he liked this stuff, I will too.

Benjamin keeps telling me about this guy named Santa who brings presents to kids. I'm not sure what presents are but if Benjamin thinks it's cool, so do I.

Well, I'm kinda tired. I better get some sleep. I will probably have more to say next month.