Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am supposed to be writing a Psychometric analysis of standardized testing but I can't stop thinking about things I learned in Stake Conference on Saturday night. A couple who had recently returned from their mission discussed their own version of the "Ten-Second Rule." They said that if we do not follow a spiritual prompting within 10-seconds of receiving it, we will not ever follow it.
During the meeting, I felt that I should invite one of our neighbors to church. I didn't count, or watch the clock, but I'm sure it was about 10-seconds later that I started having thoughts like, "it's too late to go to her house tonight...She probably wouldn't come anyway...I don't think she likes me...etc." By the time we got home, I had managed to talk myself out of it.

Now I wonder, what could have happened? What did I allow FEAR to get in the way of?

What if Ben hadn't taken a chance by inviting me to his Baptism?

I remember a time just before I was baptized when someone shared a story in Sunday School that was pretty weird. At the conclusion of the lesson, I got up to leave thinking, "I don't know about this." A wonderful sister followed me out into the hall and said, "I think that story was a little weird and I feel like you might have some questions about it." I was able to talk with her and left church that day with a testimony of spiritual promptings and the love that my heavenly father has for me. That he cared enough about my silly little questions to send someone to help me. What if that sister had not followed the 10-second rule?
Another thing this couple said was, "When we fail to follow the 10-second rule, WE FAIL." I really believe that when I fail to following the promptings of the spirit, I FAIL.

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