Tuesday, April 12, 2011

9 Months

Check out that RED hair; I LOVE IT!
 I am nine-months old today! I have been very busy this past month. I crawl everywhere now. I even crawled up the stairs the other day. I can pull myself up on things and I can walk if a big-person holds my fingers.

I weigh 17lbs 12oz (40%) and I'm 28.5in tall (85%). 

I have 3 teeth and I eat lots of stuff. I really like Cheerios and anything else that I can do myself.

One thing I really like doing is singing with Mommy. When she is practicing, I like to help. We harmonize, I just make-up my own part.

I really love my Daddy, I get SO excited when he comes home from work. If he doesn't pick me up fast enough, I get REALLY MAD!

I still think my big-brother Benjamin is great. He has the best toys. Sometimes he doesn't share with me and I get sad. I just wish I could do everything that he can do.

Well, that's about all I have to say for now. I'll talk to you guys again next month.



  1. she is getting way to big. i cant wait to see her next week.

  2. LOVE IT!! So cute my what a cutie bug :)

  3. HELLO! That hand made dress couldn't be cuter! Great work, Catie