Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dads and Daughters

I just read this in a book and it made me cry:

To Dads,
"When you hear the first whimper in the night, go to the nursery and leave your wife sleeping. Pock in a chair, walk the floor, sing a lullaby so that she will know a man can be gentle.

When Mother is away for the evening,come home from work, do the babysitting. Learn to cook a hotdog or a pot of spaghetti, so that your daughter will know a man can serve another's needs.

When she performs in school plays or dances in recitals, arrive early, sit in the front seat, devote your full attention. Clap the loudest, so that she will know a man can have eyes for only her.

When she asks for a tree house, don't just build it, but build it with her. Sit high among the branches and talk about clouds, and caterpillars, and leaves. Ask her about her dreams and wait for her answers, so that she will know a man can listen.

When you pass by her door as she dresses for a date, tell her she is beautiful. Take her on a date yourself. Open doors, buy flowers, look her in the eye, so that she will know a man can respect her.

When she moves away from home, send a card, write a note, call on the phone. If something reminds you of her, take a minute to tell her, so that she will know a man can think of her even when she is away.

Tell her you love her, so that she will know a man can say the words.

If you hurt her, apologize, so that she will know a man can admit that he's wrong...

A daughter grows up quickly, there isn't time to waste."

I have heard that girls are likely to marry a man who is very much like her father. How much would the world change if fathers followed the simple directions on this list, and daughters realized that they deserve to be treated like the beautiful daughters of our Heavenly Father that they are?

I remember a couple of times I went out on "dates" with my dad. He would open doors for me and look at me as I talked. He never made me feel like he wasn't interested in what I had to say.

When Josh and I were dating, there were several times when he would say or do something that reminded me of my "dad-dates." With the standard my dad had set for what a man can, and should, be, I don't think I could have ever settled for anything less. Josh is, by far, the most amazing guy I have ever met.

I hope that he will show Brianna, just as my dad did for me, that she deserves a man who is just as amazing as he is.

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