Friday, November 4, 2011

Another ER Trip

 Here is the story of the exciting day we had yesterday.

I went to check on Brianna on Wednesday night to find her sound asleep in her own vomit. Josh and I cleaned her up and put her back to bed.

On Thursday, she woke up with a fever (I couldn't actually  take her temperature because our thermometer got flushed down the toilet a couple weeks ago). I gave her some Tylenol but them she threw-up about 20ish minutes later.
For some reason, I just had a feeling that something was wrong. I called our pediatrician and explained to the nurse that Brianna was limp and seemed to be struggling to stay awake. I was afraid to give her more tylenol because I didn't know how much she had actually ingested. The nurse told me to take her to the ER.

This is what Brianna looked like when we arrived. Her temperature, in spite of the Tylenol, was 101.9. She hardly moved when the nurses were taking her vital signs. 
 A Dr finally came in and told me we had 2 options. He said they could give her same nausea medicine and send us home to see what happens, or they could do some blood work and give her an IV. I told him that, although I know it sounded crazy, I opted for option 2. I just felt that there was something wrong and waiting would only make it worse.
 A while later, he came back to tell me that I had been right to bring her in. She had a kidney infection.

We don't know if the vomiting was because she was in pain, or if it was a symptom of the infection. We are also not sure if she had gone so long without having a wet diaper because she was dehydrated, or if she was just simply holding it because it hurt.

Anyway, these last two pictures are from after the IV fluids and some antibiotics. She was back to her active cute little self by the time we left the hospital (about 4 hours later).


  1. You poor thing! What an ordeal. Wow. I'm so glad you chose option 2. I work in the ER, and most kids who have fevers don't have anything seriously wrong but you were so right to bring her in! How scary! I hope your little sweetie is feeling better.

  2. I would have chosen the blood test too. Might as well have them figure it out. That is why you go to the ER in the first place.