Monday, December 5, 2011

Who ya gonna call...

On Saturday Josh and I were at the mall in Provo and decided to look at getting new phones. We have been talking about doing this for a while as both of our phones are eligible for upgrades. We found the ones we wanted at Radio Shack and had to get them then/there because the one Josh wanted was only on sale for that day.

So the guy spent about an hour typing away on the computer and stuff then said "I'm going to go get them I'll be right back." A while later, a different guy walks over to us with 4 boxes and says "We are all out of that phone but I do have these other ones." I told them that I really wanted the phone I had originally selected. So guy number ones comes back and starts looking on the computer. He tells us that the only store in Utah that has that phone (the one he had previously told us is really popular and they have tons of them) is in Midvale. Josh and I had no idea where Midvale is but the guy said it wasn't far. So guy number 2 gets on the phone to call the Midvale store to see if they actually have the phone. The girl in Midvale says they do but that she isn't allowed to hold it for people. Guy number 2 has her check with a manager and they finally decide that it will be okay.

By now we have been standing at the store for almost an hour.

So guy number 1 starts ringing up Josh's phone. He says we will need to get new Sim cards because the ones we have won't work for the new phones. Then he realized that the Sim card in my old phone would work in my new phone (the one that is at the other store). So Josh had to go out to the car to get my old phone. While Josh is gone, guy number 2 tells me that when we upgrade we will lose our Unlimited Data plan. I tell him that the only reason we are staying with AT&T is because of that plan. He calls the manager (who supposedly had gone home but was somehow able to get to the store before Josh returned) who came over to help make sure that we didn't lose any of our previous coverage.

Josh comes back. We have now been at the store for over an hour.

Josh picks up the contract for his new phone and realizes that they didn't add the new text messaging plan that guy number 2 had told us we could get. Guy number 1 says that is because that plan is only available on new contracts. Because guy number 1 told us we could have it, they get the manager on the phone and he tells them what to do. Finally they finish Josh's phone and begin working on mine. It is then that they realize that removing the Sim card from my old phone will make it stop working.  

So after spending over 2 hours standing at the counter at Radio Shack, we leave with 1 working phone.

Today, after I dropped Ben at school I drove to Midvale. It took me about 40 minutes to get there and find the Radio Shack. I walked up to the counter and the guy, who was standing there doing nothing, told me "I'll be right with you." He then went up to every other person in the store and asked if they needed help with anything before he returned to the counter to help me. I thought that was weird but didn't think much of it.

I told him that I had bought a phone in Provo and needed to pick it up. The guy looked at my paper work for a while then typed on the computer for a while, then finally said, "Well, let me go see if we have any of these."
Wait, hadn't I already purchased it? They have to have it!

A while later he returned with my new phone. I then asked him if they have any cases for them, because the guys in Provo said that you do not want to use this phone without a case. He told me that there is no such thing as a case for this particular phone.

After typing on the computer for a while, he asked if I had my Sim card. I gave it to him. He put it in the phone and waited for a while. Then he told me that my old Sim card would not work with my new phone. Then he asked me for my ID. I gave it to him and he told me that I am not permitted to make any changes on the account. I told him taht I don't want to make changes, I just want to pick up the phone that I had already paid for. He told me that I can take the phone but that it will not work until I get a new Sim card and that he cannot give me a new Sim card without Josh's permission.

So now, here I sit 3 days later with 2 phones. Neither of them work. Neither of them will even turn on.

What did I do to deserve this!



  1. We can't, I signed the contract while Josh was getting my phone from the car. Although as I'm not an authorized person on the account, my signature is probably not valid.

  2. Don't worry. When I got home from work, I opened Catie's new phone, took out the battery, removed the Sim card, turned the sim card around, reinstalled the battery and turned the phone one. It works. Who would've thought--putting the sim card in backwards wouldn't work.