Wednesday, July 11, 2007

13 Months

..I'm 13 months old and I have been getting really big.
This last week I have been working on my walking. Yesterday I took two steps without holding anything. Both my aunt Brittany's were here and saw me do it. They cheered so loud, it kinda scared me.
Grandma Carla gave me a bike for my birthday. I like to push it around, I think it's easier than riding. I also got a cool Wagon from my Grandma Gwyn. I can put my stuff in there and pull it everywhere.
Mommy and I found a daycare for me to go to when she has school. I am really excited to go there again. They have lots of toys, even outside. The lady told Mommy that they let the kids go outside everyday! And they have chairs that are my size. I will be able to eat my lunch all by myself.
Well it's about nap time now. When it's nap-time, Mommy gives me a book to read in my bed. I've been doing a lot of reading lately and have learned some interesting things. I think today I would like to read "The Foot Book."
Anyway I've gotta get back to my reading. I love you guys,

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