Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm a whole year old!!!

That's right I had my Birthday and lots of people came to see me. We had some yummy food and we got to eat OUTSIDE!!! After dinner, Daddy gave me a cake that had fire on it. Everyone sang and I got to eat the whole thing, all by myself. After the cake, and Mommy washing me off, I got to open my presents. Thank you everyone for coming to my party, and for the cool presents.

Wow this month has been really busy. First Aunt Betsy and Uncle Adam got married. I like weddings, everyone was playing with me and giving me cookies. A guy at the Temple gave me a cool picture of President Hinckley. I'm gonna ask Daddy to put it up in my room. Oh yeah that reminds me, we live in a new house now. I have my own room, it's really neat. There are frogs on the wall and Grandpa Holladay made me a shelf to put all my toys and books on.

A few days after Adam and Betsy's wedding, Aunt Sarah was Baptized. I kinda got worried when Daddy pushed Sarah in the water. I cried until she came out and I knew she was Ok. The missionaries didn't close the font all the way. So I crawled over there and tried to get in but Daddy was too fast. He picked me up and said NO.

The other cool thing this month was Aunt Brittany's graduation. I was really excited at first but then it was too long to sit-still. So Daddy took me outside to play 'till it was over. Then Aunt Brittany came to find us. She was wearing this really cool hat, she let me try it on !!! Later we went to have some dinner. I was really tired so I threw my food on the floor and Mommy had to clean it up.

So that's what we've been up to so far this summer. I am getting really big. I weigh 19 pounds 2 ounces and I'm about 31 inches tall. The Doctor said I am in the 75% for height and the 6% for weight. So I guess I take after my parents. I had my first visit to the dentist and he gave me my own toothbrush. Its just my size! We are going to see the heart Doctor next week to show them how big I am.

Well I better go get Mommy and tell her it's time for lunch.
I love you all so much,

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