Friday, May 11, 2007

11 months!

I've been really busy this month. I can standup if I have something to hold onto and then I can walk around while holding on. But Crawling is still faster, I can crawl really fast now. So fast that Mommy and Daddy can't even catch me. I can even go up the stairs all by myself. I tried going down once, but Mommy stopped me. I really think she is trying to change my name to, "NO Benjamin!" Cause she keeps calling me that.

I am getting bigger and bigger. I weigh 20 pounds now. I read Aidan's email the other day. He must be pretty big 'cause he wears the same size as me, 18 months. I still only have two teeth, but I think there is one poking out on top.

I have been trying lots of new foods. Today I had a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich for lunch. Yesterday Mommy and Daddy and I went for a walk. We stopped to get a milkshake. Mommy thought she would just share with me, but I ate all of it myself. It was really yummy.

We're going to be moving pretty soon. Mommy says she has to start packing up all my toys soon. I'm not excited about that. I need my toys. Well anyway our new house is pretty cool. I will get to have my own room, I picked the one with frogs on the walls. We are also going to have a yard, with a fence. So I will be able to play outside. And Mommy can plant some flowers. I like helping her with the garden except that she doesn't let me eat the rocks. She told me that Satan told Jesus to eat a rock and Jesus said, "No!" So Jesus says no to eating rocks.

Well I gotta go make sure Mommy isn't packing up my stuff while I'm on the computer, sometimes she does tricky things like that. So I will talk to all of you next month on my Birthday!!!


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