Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ben is Ten!

Well everyone, I'm finally ten months old.this month I learned how to crawl and had an exciting trip to the emergency room. Let me tell you what happened.I was crawling around having a really good time when I saw something shiny on the floor. I picked it up for a closer look. It looked interesting so I decided to taste it. Because that is what you have to do with interesting things. Well it didn't taste very good, and it kinda hurt my mouth so I decided to swallow it. that didn't work so well either cause it got stuck in my throat and I couldn't breath. Mommy had to pick me up and hit me on my back to make it come out. Then she got it out of my mouth and said, "Benjamin where did you find this? It's a piece of broken glass, that is not for eating." By then there was blood coming out of my mouth so Mommy and Daddy took me to the hospital. they took some x-rays, and watched me for a while. finally they said I could go home. After that happened, I think
Mommy and Daddy decided to change my name to
"NO Benjamin!"Another thing that happened this month is we got to go sleep-over at Grandma's house for a whole week. We were there because Heavenly Father told Uncle Derek it was time for him to go home. Everyone was sad because we miss Uncle Derek. But I told them it's okay because I know that he will like being with Heavenly Father. Plus I told him to say hi to all my friends who are still there. They will play with him so he won't be lonely.Mommy and I got to go to Temple Square with Grandma Carla, Aunt Britt, and Aunt Sarah. That was fun. We looked at all the pictures of Jesus and the other Prophets. Then we got to see all the pretty flowers. I tried to pick one but Mommy said NO. Then we went to listen to the choir singing. I thought it was a little too loud, and it mad Grandma sad, so we left to get some dinner. Grandma Carla took us to Arbys and I ate Mommy and Grandma's French fries. It was really yummy.Well I can't think of anything else to say. I hope you all had a good Easter.Love, Benjamin McGee

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