Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well Everyone I'm Nine Months Old and I have Teeth!!!

That's right Mom told me these sharp pokey things in my mouth are called teeth. I like teeth. Now I can eat all kinds of stuff. I eat cereal pieces, chicken and rice, mashed potatoes, and even banana cream pie. Sometimes when I chew on my fingers my teeth hurt me. And sometimes I bite mommy's hand and she says, "NO Benjamin, biting hurts!"
I am getting bigger and bigger everyday. I weigh about 18 pounds. Dr. McKenna says I'm big enough that I can just have regular formula now. My heart Doctor says everything looks great. So I don't have to go see him again until after my birthday.
I am learning lots of cool tricks. I can jump in my swing and ride my rocking horse by myself. I still haven't quite figured out crawling. Mom thinks I'm just going to go straight to walking. Yesterday Daddy was helping me stand, I let go of his fingers and was standing all by myself.
A couple weeks ago I got to sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa McGee's by myself. Aunt Betsy and Uncle Adam drove me there. Grandma Carla bought a bed that's my size. Just for me! Grandma Carla also had some new toys at her house for me to play with. I didn't really want to sleep cause I was having so much fun.
Aunt Margaret is going to come stay with us for a while. So I don't have my own room anymore. But it's ok 'cause now I get to play with Aunt Margaret whenever I want.
Well I gotta go. Mommy is taking me to Kenna's house. We are going for a walk to go see the ducks.

Hope you all have a good Saint Patrick's Day.
Benjamin McGee

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