Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, I just got some new reading glasses and I can actually read thing on the computer without getting a headache so I thought I would take this lovely headache-less opportunity to post a little update on our amazing family!

We finally got some renters in our house in Logan who plan on staying for a while. So far they have been paying rent on time and we haven't had any complaints about noise or trash in the yard (as we recieved from our last renters).

We just moved back to Brigham City which is where I grew up and where most of our extended family lives. This is great because we have all kinds of free babysitting. This has also been a blessing as our dryer is having issues and I have had to do laundry at Josh's parents house a few times already. It's nice to be close to Josh's Grandparents as we haven't been able to spend much time with them since we lived with them.

After much prayer and fasting, I have decided not to transfer to the University of Utah and as such, will be finishing my degree at USU. This semester I am taking 17 credits, have 2 internships, I am working as a reading tutor, and was just offered a position as a TA for a behavioral psych class. I am also taking voice lessons and my teacher asked me if I would like to play a part in an opera that she is putting on. So...I am SUPER busy.

Benjamin has been going to preschool while I am doing all the stuff I just mentioned. Everyday he cries when I leave him because he doesn't want to stay and he cries when I pick him up because he doesn't want to go. He is learning and growing so fast.

Josh is really not excited about having to commute to Salt Lake everyday for work. We have tried to arrange for him to stay with family during the week and come home on weekends thus saving money and time. He is still deciding if he wants to do this or not. He has also been really busy with all his freelance writing and various church responsibilities.

Well, I can't really think of much else to say. If you are in need of our new address and/or phone number please send me an email. McGee.Catie@gmail.com


  1. wow you sound busy like me! That's cool with all that you are doing. Keep it up! That's funny bout benjamin its sweet.

  2. Yes, it sounds like you are very busy, but good busy! That is awesome that you are doing so well at school and singing and other people are noticing!