Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Memories

Today is my sister Margaret's birthday. I was just thinking about the time our neighbor told her that because her birthday was on Friday the 13th she was going to die and she spent the rest of the day hiding in her room because she was so scarred. This story is a perfect example of Margaret. She is so believing; I have never known anyone to have so much faith. She has an amazing ability to love and trust everyone.

I remember another time when she was little...She was sitting in the driveway petting our neighbors cat when my mom called her in for dinner. Margaret didn't want to get up because she was afraid the cat might fall and get hurt. So she sat there with tears streaming down her face not knowing what to do. Margaret is still such a kind and nurturing person. No matter how much she needs, or wants, something, she will not "get up" if she thinks it might hurt someone else.

Happy Birthday Margaret. I hope you know how special you are to me. Have an amazing day!

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