Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All About US!

1. How did you meet your spouse?
Josh's family moved into my ward when he was on his mission and I met his family shortly after I was baptized. However, we never really talked until he sat next to me at my brother's wedding reception.

2. What was your first Date?
We went with a group of people to see Napoleon Dynamite a movie we both hated but pretended to like as we each thought the other was enjoying it. Sadly, we actually own a copy of it now.

3. How Long did you date before you got engaged?
We started dating in September and he proposed on Christmas. So like, 3 months? At the time it didn't seemed like it was much longer.

4. How did your Fiance Propose?
He set up a kind-of scavenger hunt where I had to go all over the place collecting clues at different places that were significant to us (place we had our first kiss etc). I even had to drive to Logan for a couple of the clues. Finally I ended up at this little place that has a small bridge going over the Logan river. There was a sign on the bridge that said "Cross the bridge alone." As I came across the bridge I saw that on the other side he had set up, a red carpet sprinkled with rose petals leading up to a canopy/gazebo thing that he had covered with lace. I had to pull back the lace to get inside where there was a stool. On the stool were a dozen red roses and a letter. At the end of the letter he wrote, "Close your eyes and think about what you want most." As I stood there with my eyes closed Josh came around behind he and said, "Am I in there anywhere?" Then he went on to say, "You have gone through a lot in your life leading ti this point and you had to come across that bridge alone, but you ever have ti cross anymore bridges alone." Then he knelt down, opened up a ring box and asked me to marry him.

5. What jobs did you have while you were engaged?
I was a cashier as Shopko and he was the assistant store manager at McDonalds.

6. How Long were you engaged?
Just over six months

7. How old were you when you got married?
I was 20 Josh was 24

8. When did you get married?
We were married on June 30 2005 in the Portland Oregon Temple

9. What were your colors?
Blue and white

10. How many Bridesmaids did you have?
My 5 sisters plus Josh sister

11. Who was your maid of honor?

12. Where was the ceremony?
Portland Temple

13. Did you have a Dj or band?
My brothers played guitar. This was before they were famous.

14. Did anything go wrong at your reception?
We had a hard time at first because my family and my husbands family don't get along really well but I decided to ignore all the tension and just have fun. We danced and laughed, it was exactly how I wanted it to be.

15. Did you have a song you danced to and what was it?
We danced to "I'll be your candle on the water"

16. What car did you leave in and what did it look like?
My Red Saturn. It was full of hard candies and confetti and said "You can DO IT" on the sunroof.

17. Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We stayed in Oregon for a week. Our hotel had a balcony overlooking the ocean and we watched the fireworks on the 4th of July from there.

18. What was your most memorable moment?
When the sealer called me Sister McGee right after the ceremony.

19. What would you have changed if you could?
I would have put someone in charge of saving me some cake. I spent a lot of money on those refreshments and I didn't get to have any.

20. How Long have you been married?
It will be 5 years in June.

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  1. The color of the text for the questions is impossible to read.

    I don't think we have that movie anymore, you lent it to your brothers. What do you mean "MY" red Saturn?

    I love you.