Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Half-Way There

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant. This means that I am half-way through the pregnancy. Actually, because my delivery is scheduled for the week before my due-date, it's a little over half-way. I remember that when I was pregnant with Benjamin it seemed that the second half went by much faster than the first. Hopefully this will be true of this pregnancy. I am excited to start on some projects and get things ready for this little person to come live with us.

We haven't been able to determine the gender of this baby yet. I am really not as concerned about finding out the gender as I am about making sure the heart and everything else are functioning normally. Besides, I already have a bunch of blue stuff and because I'm not really a fan of pink anyway, I am happy to stick with yellow and green as I make sweaters, booties, and blankets. If something really doesn't work, I can save it to give to someone as a baby gift. One of the perks of being my age and Mormon, you get invited to TONS of baby showers.

Benjamin is so cute, every time he sees me he has to hug my tummy and say, "I love our baby." He says that it is a baby brother and there is NO WAY we are going to have a girl baby. He says that we should name him Elmo and that he is going to share all his toys and cars with him.

I have been feeling the baby move around quite a bit and this has helped everything to seem more real. I guess with having been so sick, I hadn't really spent much time thinking about having a baby as I was more focused on surviving. Now that I am feeling a little better, I hope I can start to get excited and have the all feelings that pregnant women are supposed to experience.

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  1. congrads for the half way point! Best wishes for you.. Yellow and Green are great colors. Perfect for either a girl or boy. love you all.