Tuesday, April 6, 2010


About a week ago my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. This cancer has spread to his liver and for some reason he has gone into Kidney failure. He has been in the hospital since we found out and has been unable to eat for several days; he has lost so much weight. I sat at the hospital with him all day yesterday. He is unable to sit up without help. He just kept falling asleep when he was trying to talk to me. This is all too hard. I really don't want to have to say goodbye to my dad.


  1. You'll be in my prayers---and your dad too! Aren't you glad we know that families are eternal?

  2. Thanks Jackie. Yes it does help me to know that death is not the end. However, I am a convert; my parents are not LDS so we are not sealed together. This is something that I am struggling with right now.