Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Months

Hey Everyone,
I'm two months old! I am now 11 pounds and 22 inches long. I have discovered that the more I cry, the faster Mommy and Daddy take care of me. So I have been practicing getting louder and louder. My reflux is getting better. I don't spit-up as much anymore but I still do get fussy sometimes.

When Mommy has school, I get to go play at Aunt Betsy's house. I really like this because Betsy is so nice to me. She holds me and talks to me. Sometimes even Daniel gets to hold me. Daniel is my cousin. He's 2 and really likes helping his mom take care of me. I really like going outside to watch him ride his bike. I like to watch Benjamin ride his bike too but he rides REALLY fast so sometimes it's hard for me to see. When I'm away from Mommy I eat out of a bottle. At first I really didn't like it at all. But my Mommy got me some new formula that doesn't make my tummy hurt and so I decided that it will be okay. I think Mommy misses me when she goes because when she comes to get me, she gives me lots of kisses. I sure do love my Mommy!

I have been staying awake a lot more during the day. I like watching everyone and listening to them talk. It's really great when Daddy is home because he likes to play with me. He makes funny noises with his tongue and I try to do it too. I get nervous when I hear loud noises like thunder or if Benjamin turns the TV too loud. Sometimes Benjamin forgets to be quiet when I am sleeping. He goes to school and learns lots of cool stuff. I can't wait until I get big like him so I can go to school and do all the fun things that he does. I think he is excited for me to get big because he wants to be able to play with me.

Well I better go take a nap now so Mommy can do her homework. I will be posting again next month to let everyone know how I am doing.


  1. She definitely is a cutie. It was fun to be able to hang out with you guys on Saturday. Love you guys

  2. What a cute story. I lvoed this post!

  3. Thanks Deb. It's my incredibly sappy version of a baby book where I write a letter each month "from the baby." If you look through all my REALLY old posts you can see the ones I did for Benjamin. Someday I plan to print them out and make a book with the letters, pictures, and footprints from each month.