Saturday, December 11, 2010


Mrs Clark (my teacher) decided to celebrate my Birthday this week because it is my half-birthday today and we don't have school in the summer when it's my real Birthday. I got to wear a cool Birthday crown. Everyone sang to me and Mrs. Clark gave me a present. Since I'm thinking about Birthdays right now, I figured I would just write a little update. So here goes...

What it is like to be 4-and-a-half

My most favorite thing to do is get into stuff (just ask my mom).
I am so curious about everything.
I ask LOTS of questions.
Sometimes I get really mad and scream at people or hit them.
I like to do everything myself.
I love going to Primary on Sundays.
I like singing with my mom.
I like school, especially Show-and-Tell.
My best-friend at school is Bryson. He likes Buzz Lightyear.
I like string-cheese and Goldfish Crackers.
My favorite color is Green.
I like playing in the snow but I wish it didn't have to be so cold.
I like helping mom take care of Brianna. 
Marshmallows are yummy.
 When I get big like daddy, I'm gonna...
-Fly Airplanes
-Drive a Firetruck
-Be a Army guy
-Go to work at Daddy's work

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