Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6 Months

Well world, I am now half a year old. I am 15 pounds. My mommy thinks I might be teething because I have been VERY grumpy lately.

I really like rolling. Daddy is trying to get me to do something called crawling. He keeps putting me on my tummy but I just roll over. I roll everywhere I want to go. Yesterday I rolled into the shelf. It hurt and made me cry.  My mommy decided to put my swing away because I rolled out of it two times. Even when I was buckled in! Maybe that crawling thing would be a better idea so I could see where I am going and maybe not get hurt so much.

I can sit by myself sometimes. But I usually get distracted and fall over pretty fast. I got a Bumbo chair for Christmas. I like sitting in it because I don't fall over.

When Benjamin was my size  Grandpa took a picture of him looking in a mirror and my Mommy thought it would be cool to take one of me that matches. I still don't understand where that other baby in the mirror came from. I thought she was pretty funny though.

I still really like playing with Benjamin. He has so many cool toys. I like to chew on his Power Rangers and I think his Monster trucks are really funny when they drive off the table.

I like to suck, chew, and slobber on everything. If you are ever not sure about something, you must put it in your mouth.

Well, that's about all I have to say for now, I'll talk with you all again next month!


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