Monday, March 28, 2011

Josh's Birthday

 I gave Brianna a cookie to eat while I was making Josh's cake.
 I swear it was only ONE cookie!

 I decorated the front porch to surprise Josh...he didn't even notice.
(See all those chalk markings all over the wall? That's from our neighbor. We don't have a hose so I don't know how to get it off.)
This is Josh "pretending to be" an old man!



  1. LOL! He should pretend more often. Ohmigoodness. It looks like he's preparing to do a jig!

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  3. He wanted me to wait for him to go get a cane from his Grandpa but it was windy and I was afraid everything would blow away.

    A JIG?!? hee hee hee

    You should have heard him, in this grouchy voice with his face all scrunched up, saying, "Those dang kids are playin their music again, I can hear um...if you can even call that noise they listen to music...They're all gonna go deaf I tell you know when I was a kid..."