Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ten Months

Well everyone, I am 10 months old. I am really good at crawling and can even go up the stairs without any help now. I like pulling myself up to stand and sometime I even let go and stand all by myself for a few seconds.

Mommy and I have decided that teething is just not any fun at all. I would rather just not have any teeth. My mouth hurts a lot and I keep getting in trouble for biting people.

I really like playing outside as long as I don't have to touch any grass. I kind of got a sunburn when I went to the park with Mommy and Benjamin last week. It made Mommy really sad but I didn't mind it.
WOW look at Mommy's Hat-Hair
This month we went to see my cousin Trischel get Baptized. I was really worried when her Daddy pushed her in the water; I didn't think that was very nice. She was okay though and after she got all dried off, I got to eat a cookie and then I went to play at her house for a while.
Mommy Graduated this month. I really don't know what that means except that I had to sit through a long boring meeting in a very hot building and I was pretty tired. But Mommy let me wear her funny hat, I really liked chewing on the tassel.

making sure the balloon didn't fly away
I like talking on the phone. Sometimes I even call people without any help. When Mommy is talking on the phone I try to take it away so that I can talk. I think everyone who calls is Daddy. I hold the phone and say "Dad-ad-ad-ad..."

I like to wave and say hi to everyone, especially at church. I also like clapping and talking.

Well, I better go now. I'll talk to you guys again next month.


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