Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 Years

 Hi everyone,
I am five! Here are some things I like to do:
I like to climb trees.
I can write my name by myself.
I like to watch movies and play games.
I like playing with my friends.
I don't like getting hurt (I cry when I bleed) it's okay if I get a scratch, if it's not red but it's just white...I like getting those.
I like hugging Brianna.
I like cars.
I like Buzz Light-year.
I like flip-flops.
I can do cool tricks.
I like Primary and Sister Bow-an-arrow
I like singing and dancing

When I get big I want to be Transformers, Batman and Robin, Race cars, and that is all.

I am excited about getting a new house because I want to play outside and have a new room.

I am going to start Kindergarten when the summer is done. I am pretty excited and a little bit scared. I wish I could still have Mrs Clark to be my teacher.

I love being FIVE!


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