Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Interview

First, I filled out an application and then waited..and waited...and waited some more and then someone finally called at 9:00pm yesterday to schedule an interview! And then I got very NERVOUS!!!

And then I realized I  had to get a babysitter! I called everyone I could think of. Finally my little brother agreed to drive my mom here. I went to bed. The next morning, I received a text message from my brother stating that they would not be able to come. I proceeded to call the 2 people I have met in our new ward. First person I called, no answer (found out later they are out-of-town this week). Second person already had plans for the day and couldn't do it. I called Josh (almost in tears) to ask if he could come home for a couple hours to watch the kids. He said he would try to figure it out. As soon as I hung up, the second ward person called back to tell me she had talked with her neighbor and they could watch the kids. 

As I was deciding what to wear, my daughter's diaper failed us all and there was poop all over Brianna and the floor. I put her in the bath while I attempted to fix my hair.  I also spent some time trying to decide if people would notice my mustache and then Ben climbed in the bath with all his clothes on getting me all wet. I finally got myself, Benjamin, and Brianna dressed when she decided to vomit all over my interview clothes.

I called  Josh to tell him he would have to come home and take care of the kids as I thought Brianna was sick. Of course, he was late getting here and I was so nervous about what they might ask that I missed my exit and then I had to drive on a really scary road where I almost hit a cow.

I finally arrived at the interview place and the interview lady come to get me and then she asked a lot of questions. She gave me her email address and asked me to send her a list of references that she could call. I got home and tried to email her but it wouldn't work. I called and told her I couldn't get it to work. She asked me to just give her the names/numbers over the phone. I gave her the information.

And then...she decided hire someone else.


  1. wait wait wait! How do you KNOW she hired someone else!?!?

  2. Aw geez. I'm sorry Catie. I guess this is one of those times when you just have to keep repeating "What doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger." Interviews are hard enough without the added difficulties you had! Good luck with your job search! On the bright side, you probably used up all your bad luck on that one interview and now when the perfect job comes along, you'll be all set!

  3. First of all, I wasn't late. I left at 9:15 and arrived home by 9:35. It takes 40 min to get to Tooelle and your appointment wasn't until 10:40. You had plenty of time (especially since you were able to take the wrong exit and hit a cow and still make it on time.)

    And Deb's right, you don't know that they hired someone else. Just because they didn't call all of your references. They may have only called your Psychology professors rather than than your voice instructor.