Friday, July 15, 2011

The Joy of being a Homeowner

I just want to take a minute and share our NIGHTMARE err umm experiences in home buying...

We were supposed to close on the house on Monday (July 11th) at 4pm. We also had a final walk-through of the house scheduled at 3pm. We arrived at the house to find our agent sitting on the front step. The sellers agent had removed the lockbox with the key inside it and failed to mention to us that we would be unable to get inside for the walk-through. After sitting in the front step for about 45 minutes, the agent arrived with a key and we were able to get inside.

While we were in the house, our agent received a call from our broker letting him know that we were not going to be able to close that day and we needed to sign an addendum extending our settlement date to the next day. So we rushed through the house and raced off the our agents office to get the paperwork signed. So after spending the entire day in Salt Lake, we were told to go home and come back Tuesday at 1pm.

On Tuesday we were told that they weren't sure it would go though but that we should just wait and see. After once again spending the entire day in Salt Lake and my husband taking a second vacation day, our broker called to tell us that she had made a minor error on the paperwork and we needed to sign something. We raced over to the real estate office again and signed it. Our Realtor then called the broker only to be told that she had "left the office and would be back in an hour...or so." Our agent was able to get the paperwork faxed to the sellers agent who had the sellers sign it and then got it off the the title company.

We were finally able to close at 7:45pm (the lady at the title company stayed late just for us). She explained that because our broker had made a mistake in the good-faith estimate (she had failed to add some charge on there), we would be given a $1025.00 credit and the brokers company would just have to eat the difference. It was kind of nice to learn that even though we had been through a lot, we didn't have to pay as much money up front.

On Wednesday, I had to have our down-payment and closing costs wired to the title company because our broker had failed to tell us before hand that we had to have a cashiers check. The bank here told me that I had to go to the extension in Logan to do that. So I borrowed my brother's car and drove to Logan to find out that there is a $20 charge for wiring. I went ahead and did it anyway. About five minutes after I left the bank, our broker called to tell me that we actually did need to pay that $1025.00 more. Just as I was walking into the bank to order the second transfer, the broker called back. She wanted to let me know that she had decided that because it was actually her mistake, she would go ahead and just eat the extra money. She actually said, "because, I don't want you to have bad feelings toward me or my company."

Our agent was supposed to get the house keys to Josh by 3pm. Josh had to leave work to go home at 4pm and still hadn't heard from anyone about the keys. We finally recieved a call at about 5pm that our agent had the keys and would bring them to Josh on Thursday.

On Thursday, our agent met Josh at work and gave him ONE house key. We are supposed to try to get a hold of the seller to see if they have any other keys.

So anyway, we are officially homeowners. Hopefully once we get all settled in, all this will have been worth it. Oh and if anyone wants to help with moving, we will be loading the truck in Brigham at 10am tomorrow and plan to be unloading in West Valley at about 4pm.


  1. Congrats on owning a home! Our closing was a nightmare too. We were supposed to close a week before thanksgiving and ended up moving in the day after Christmas. Every single day it was something new: a t was capitalized in the contract; taylor took a day off work because we had swine flu and they thought he had quit his job. It was a joke! Just know you're not alone.

  2. Catie! I am SO SO SO sorry we missed your moving party! I haven't checked your blog for a while, so I hope everything went well! (after you finally got the keys, it sounds like!!). We had a few "addendums" too...what a pain!

  3. I'm sure missed all of this! Sorry, I was even working in Orem at the time and I dont know....let you moral support. I'm sad to have missed the drama, though. ooosh. Bite me, broker company...I'd be bad mouthing them more than you did...I don't even know who your broker is still because you're being so nice!