Monday, December 19, 2011

On Joseph

Yesterday in Primary, our chorister sang a beautiful song called "When Joseph went to Bethlehem." I had never thought before about things from Joseph's point-of-view. I think we can learn a lot from Joseph. He was willing to raise and care for this child of whom he was not the father. I never really thought much about it before but I'm sure he had to help Mary deliver the baby; there wasn't anyone else there. And then later while she rested, of course he would have cared for Jesus.

I love the words of the song:
"I think there in the busy inn that he was meek and mild. And awed to be the guardian of Mary's sacred child. Perhaps all through the chilly hours he smoothed the swaddling bands and Jesus felt the quiet strength of Joseph's gentle hands."
I can picture Josh the first time he held each of our kids. I know exactly the feelings Mary must have had as she observed those strong arms gently comforting, soothing, and protecting the savior.

I can only imagine the spiritual feeling that must have been felt in that tiny stable so long ago. 

 When Joseph Went to Bethlehem
When Joseph went to Bethlehem
I think he took great care
To place his tools and close his shop
And leave no shavings there.
He urged the donkey forward,
Then, with Mary on its back,
And carried bread and goat cheese
In a little linen sack.
I think there at the busy inn
That he was meek and milk
And awed to be the guardian
Of Mary's sacred Child.
Perhaps all through the chilly hours
He smoothed the swaddling bands,
And Jesus felt the quiet strength of
Joseph's gentle hands.

And close beside the manger bed
He dimmed the lantern's light,
And held the little Jesus close upon
That holy night. 

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