Monday, January 9, 2012

Adventures in Pharmacuticals...

Today started out like any ordinary Monday...
At 9am I decided to pick up my meds from Smiths on the way to aerobics. When I got there, after waiting in line for about 10 minutes, I was told that they didn't have a prescription for me. I had called last night and used there automated system to order a refill. For some reason, they did not receive my order. I decided that I would just get it refilled somewhere else. By the time we finally left the store, it was too late for me to go to aerobics so we went home. I planned on getting my empty medicine bottle and taking it to Walgreens. However, Brianna fell asleep in the car and Ben needed to do his homework so we just stayed home.

After a long search for Ben's shoes, glasses, coat, & backpack, I took him to school and headed for Walgreens. Of course they didn't have any carts available so I had to carry Brianna all the way to the back of the store where they fill prescriptions. I gave the bottle to the girl at the counter and asked if they could fill it for me. She said it wouldn't be a problem. I told her that I had never filled anything there before and she might need my information. I gave her an insurance card and answered a bunch of questions about any meds I'm allergic to and what happens when I take said drugs. Finally, she said everything looked great and it would be about an hour. I decided to stay there and wait.

A little over 2 hours later, I had to leave to go get Ben from school. By then, my arms were about to fall off from carrying Brianna around. I had tried putting her down but she kept running away and pulling things off the shelves etc.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have had a terrible headache since Friday (allergies, sinuses etc)...

So anyway, I get Ben from school and drive back to Walgreens. In the car I tell him, I'm "not going to buy any treats or toys, so don't even ask." We get in the store and I grab the first cart I see. I'm sorry to the old lady who may, or may not have been using it at the time. I put both kids in the cart because I'm not taking any chances. We march to the back of the store where, of course, there is a long line of people. I wait my turn and then ask if they are done with my prescription. For some reason, in the amount of time I was gone, a new person is now working at the counter. He types on the computer for a bit and then tells me, as he is walking away, that the total is $47.83! I said, "I don't think that's right..." He types on the computer a little and asks if I have an insurance card "It looks like we need to update our info on you." Seriously? It needs to be updated since 4 hours ago?

Anyway I give him my card and after typing on the computer for a while and then going in the back for a while he finally tells me, that they don't accept my insurance.

So I ask if I can have the bottle back so that I can go somewhere else to get it filled. He looks at me like that is that weirdest thing anyone has ever asked for. Of course, he has to go back in the back and then after a while he comes back with some other guy who hands me a piece of paper. They had peeled the label off of my prescription bottle and then taped it, in pieces, to another paper they had also made a large X across the whole thing and written something like, "no longer valid..." on it.

I take this paper and head for the door.

So I decided to just go back to Smiths. I walk up to the counter and tell the lady about my experience...She types on the computer for a while, calls someone else over who also types on the computer for a while...finally she tells me they should be able to get it filled in about 10 minutes. I decide to sit down and wait. After about 20 minutes, which felt more like 100 minutes with Brianna pulling everything off all the shelves and Ben having to go potty about 13 times, I went to the counter to ask how much longer it would be. The lady told me that they had to call Walgreens to get my prescription transferred back over to them and that it would probably be a while.

At that point, I decided to just go home. I, once again, put both kids in a shopping cart (again, sorry old lady) and headed for the door.

I finally get both kids buckled into the car and start to back out of the parking space when I hear honking. Some person was waiting to take my parking spot but didn't want to wait for me to get out of it first (fyi, I'm driving Josh's car-standard transmission, no power steering-). JERK!!! Doesn't he know that I am having a crappy day and I have a headache and two fussy hungry tired kids, one of them needing to go potty for the millionth time since we left the school!

So here I sit in a messy house, with a huge headache and NO MEDS!!!

Why do these things always happen to me?


  1. These types of things happen to me all the time too. So, did you ever get your meds?

  2. Sorry you had a bad day! Hope things have been better since then!