Friday, June 22, 2012

and another trip to the E.R.

By the end of this year, we should be on first-name basis with all the people in the Emergency Room.

This morning Benjamin slipped and crashed into the kitchen table. I really didn't think he had hit very hard and he's kind of dramatic when he gets hurt so I gave him a hug and went back to what I was doing. Then I heard him say "Bleeding," I turned around and there was SO MUCH blood all over his face, and the table, and the floor.

Once again, I was without a car. So I called Josh's cell and he didn't answer. I called his work (While holding a paper towel on Ben's head and trying to get Brianna to stop crying) I asked to talk to Josh and the lady told me that he hadn't come in to work today. So I sent him a text message asking him to "CALL ME NOW!"

He called shortly after that and I explained what had happened and he said, "I'm in Alpine." I have no idea where Alpine is but I'm guessing it's not close.

My little sister has been staying in Salt Lake while her baby is at Primary so I called to see if she could give us a ride. Thankfully, she was able to come. By the time she got here, the bleeding had stopped and Brianna had calmed down. Ben kept telling me he was okay and didn't need stitches.

At the hospital, they asked him to point to the smily face that showed his level of pain. He pointed to the happy face and said, "I don't need to have stitches."

The Dr came in and said he was going to need stitches. Ben immediately started crying. At that point I would have done anything to be able to trade places with him. He was so scarred.

Instead of giving him a shot to numb it they put some medicine on a piece of gauze and had me hold in on the cut for several minutes. Then the Dr came back in and started stitching. I don't think it was completely numb because he screamed every time the Dr poked the needle in. I like that the Dr wanted to get it done quickly but I really wish he would have made sure it was numb before he started. And maybe he could have put more numbing stuff on instead of just ignoring the screaming. But it all worked out and it's over now.
I'm beginning to to wonder what I was thinking by naming him after my brother (you know, the one who lit himself on fire)...

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