Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wee McGee #3

Well, I was going to wait another couple of weeks before announcing this...but, as I'm already the size of a whale, and have missed church the past couple of weeks because of morning sickness, I don't think this will stay quiet much longer.

It will be different to have a baby in the winter time (Ben and Brianna were born in June and July).

So-far, the morning sickness hasn't been quite as bad as it was with the other two. However I have already started my weekly Dr visits for IV fluids. yesterday I was so dehydrated it took 10 tries and 4 different nurses before they got it in.

I have decided that, if I ran the world, "nesting" should happen in the first trimester and then "morning sickness" in the second. That way you could spend the first trimester cleaning your house and then when the morning sickness hits, you 1. have clean bathrooms, and 2. you don't have the guilt about all the things that you need to do but can't. Oh and, the whole pregnancy should only be 20 weeks. Just cutout the 3rd trimester, no being fat and hot and unable to breath.

Anyway, we're pretty excited at our house. Ben is hoping for a brother. I'm not sure Brianna really understands what is happening but, when it's her turn for family prayer, she prays for "da Baby" so maybe she understands more than we think.


  1. Oh my goodness, CONGRATS!! I hope you start feeling better really soon...that first trimester is the worst! Best of luck!

  2. I am so excited for you guys!!! I know exactly what you mean. Who wants to nest when they're huge and can barely get around? And yes, the 3rd trimester should be done away with. Not even necessarily because of the discomfort, but because it's SOOO HARD to wait 9 whole months!! Congratulations, and feel better soon!