Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I would just like to take a minute to post about trying to keep the house clean...

1. Ben thought it would be funny to put a stack of about 8 Ritz crackers in his mouth and hold them there while riding my stationary bike. Of course, he choked on the crackers causing half eaten crackers to fly out of his mouth all over the family room that I had just vacuumed.

2. Minutes after I had finished mopping the kitchen, Ben asked if he could make some hot chocolate. I said it was fine with me. So he got out a cup, filled it to the top with milk, and then added about 2 cups of hot chocolate mix. It sloshed all over the floor as he carried it to the microwave. He then cooked it for 5 minutes. By the time it was "done," it had boiled over (exploded) in the microwave and when he pulled it out, the cup was hot so he dropped what was left of onto the stove spilling it down the front of the oven and onto the floor.

3. While I was cleaning up the chocolate milk mess, Brianna coloured on the wall in the living room with the pen I had been using to make a grocery list (which she also coloured all over).

4. Finally it was lunchtime. I poured us each a glass of juice and turned to get something out of the oven. By the time I turned back around, Brianna had managed to spill 2 of the 3 juice glasses onto the floor that, by this time, had already been mopped twice.

5. While I was putting Brianna down for a nap, Ben came running in to tell me the toilet was "shooting water out everywhere."

6. While I run downstairs to get the plunger, Brianna decides to sit down and play in the water on the bathroom floor. So I fix the toilet, put Brianna in the bath, and mop the bathroom floor. I finally get Brianna to sleep and put her in her bed when Ben comes running in from outside screaming, "Mom MOM MOM!!!" I race over to him expecting him to be like missing an arm or something and he says, "I just saw a blue truck."

So yeah, that's pretty much how my day has gone so far...

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  1. Oh my gosh, your last line had me laughing so hard!! I can't believe you are still alive. What an ordeal! I hope every day isn't like this! this is why I only mop like once a week (if that), because disaster ALWAYS follows a freshly mopped floor. :) Good luck, Catie!