Sunday, August 12, 2012


So today, I made it through all 3 hours of church (without having to go home sick) for the first time in several weeks. I was even able to stay and get set-apart for a calling that I have been doing since before I found out I was pregnant.

My bishop, while setting me apart, gave me a blessing and the words he spoke answered some questions I have been having about my calling and my responsibilities in my family and as a member of my ward.

For some reason, I tend to forget where callings come from. I think as a member of a presidency, or as a person receiving a call, it is easy to feel like it's just people assigning jobs to random people. However, I have learned (over and over) that every person who receives a calling in our church was given that responsibility by God and that there is ALWAYS a reason that they were selected to that responsibility at that specific time.

Another thing I struggle with is being critical of others as they try to fulfil their callings. I think, "why did they do this," or "why didn't they do that." If I had that calling, maybe I would do things differently. However, if I remember that they were called by God to that responsibility, it's easier for me to trust that their plans, ideas, and ways of doing things are exactly what God wanted.

Oftentimes, after I have been critical about a lesson or talk, someone will share how that specific message touched, and helped, them. Then I begin to wonder if I would have gotten more out of the lesson if I had looked at the teacher the way that God sees them or if I had tried listened the way that God listens.

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