Sunday, September 2, 2012

20 weeks = halfway there

Today I am 20-weeks pregnant which means we are halfway to our due-date. I have never had a pregnancy go full-term so we are probably more than halfway to meeting this little person. I joke about trying to make myself go into labour before January, so we can get the tax write-off, but I don't think it will actually work.

I haven't really been having any weird cravings, this of course is no different from my other pregnancies. I guess it's one pregnancy symptom I just won't get to experience.

The nausea is pretty much gone. Occasionally I will smell, or eat, something that triggers it. But, for-the-most-part, I'm feeling good.

I set this goal to have Brianna potty-trained before the baby comes so that I won't have 2 kids in diapers at the same time. So, on Monday, I took her to the store and we got a little potty seat and some "Princess Pants" (I do NOT EVER use the word panties ). Mostly I'm just trying to decide if she's ready so I haven't really been pushing to hard. We'll see how it goes.

Ben started school this week. He loves his teacher and has so many friends already. The thing he was most excited about, lunch, hasn't quite turned out as great as he had thought. He keeps throwing his food away because "it's disgusting." I'm not sure if it's because First-Graders eat last (so by the time he gets there, he doesn't have any choices), or he has friends who are saying that it's "disgusting" and he wants to fit-in, or maybe he is just hurrying to get out to recess. Who knows.

So-far he hasn't had any homework. I asked him about it and he said his teacher told him they will start having homework in 2 years. Perhaps his first assignment could be about the difference between weeks and years???

He originally wanted to ride his bike to school everyday but he told me he was a little scared about it so I've been going with him in the morning and picking him up in the afternoon. I think he will feel more comfortable with it as the year progresses. Maybe he will find a friend to walk/ride with.

We are quickly settling into a new routine with his school, family prayer/scriptures, and Brianna's naps. Now all we need is for the temperature to go down and we will have a very happy mommy at this house! 

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  1. OH no I thought he was PUMPED for School Lunch that STINKS! Peer Pressure SUCKS!