Thursday, March 7, 2013

Funny Girl

Yesterday we went to Walmart. Some guy came up to use in the parking-lot and asked for 75 cents. I told him that I didn't have any change and he walked away. Brianna looked at me and said, "What da heck?!? Him want money?"

I bought some bottles of hand sanitizer to have at work. as I opened the package and pulled out the little bottles Brianna said, "What? Oils? Grandma Carla gived you a present?"

 Brianna asked if she could go outside. I told her she needed to have shoes on. A minute later she came upstairs with a sandal on one foot and a princess dress-up shoe on the other. She said, "Mom, see my pretty shoes? Now my go outside, lub you mom."

Everyday when I pick her up from her babysitter she says, "I missed you mom."

When we go to pick up Ben she says, "Where is that boy? We need get him. I going give him a hug."

When we drive past the Temple she gets excited and says, "Mom, mom, look the Temple. My going get married there."

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