Monday, December 30, 2013

Night Owl

What I learned working Graveyards:
-There are NO energy drinks that taste good.
-Consuming an energy drink too quickly can make you feel like your heart is going to explode.
-When I'm really REALLY tired, I cry...uncontrollably...for no reason.
-I can get a lot of sewing done in a 10 hour shift.
-People drive slower at night.
-When I'm tired, I get grumpy with people who drive slow.
-It takes 3.2 grave-shifts to knit half of a blanket.
-I kinda like wearing slippers to work.
-My kids laugh at me when I eat cereal at 9-PM and then have Chicken at 9-AM.
-There are a lot of people on Facebook in the middle of the night.
-It's really hard to convince my brain to go to sleep during the day.
-There are a lot of weird movies on Netflix.
-Listening to the conversations my kids have, when they think I'm sleeping, is very entertaining.
-Earplugs are a good thing.
-Scraping ice off my car is...great.
-It's not a good idea to use your work badge to scrape ice off your windshield.
-No matter how incredibly hilarious it is, your husband will not appreciate receiving a text at 3:30 am.

Finally having time to volunteer in Ben's class AND getting to play princess with Brianna in the same day, makes it all worth it! 

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