Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of Second Grade

Today was Benjamin's first day of 2nd Grade. He was so excited this morning to put on his new clothes. He actually ate breakfast with his backpack on because he was so excited. This year Ben's teacher is Mr Relleve. It will be his first time having a "boy-teacher." 

This is THE backpack. Ben saw a picture of it in the Kohls ad. I had already told him that he should probably use the same backpack from last year because it was still in good condition. He begged me to let him do extra jobs to earn money for this one. He did some extra chores and I went to Kohls. It was the VERY last one. I found it hidden behind a bunch of pink Hello Kitty bags. When I gave it to him, he was SO EXCITED!!!!

Ben has decided to try having home-lunch this year. He got this lunchbox for his birthday.  Brianna really wanted to have her picture taken even though she isn't quite old enough to be starting school this year. So here she is all ready to take her big brother to school.

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