Monday, June 23, 2014

Eight is Great

I can't even begin to express how excited I am about Benjamin's choice to be baptised. He has always had a strong testimony and is an example to all his family and friends.

This special guy tried to be born in the Temple. When he was born, in the hospital, he came out with his hair parted and smooth like he was all ready to be a missionary.

As a baby, especially while he was in the NICU, he loved when I sang Primary songs to him.

He was so excited when he was finally old enough to go to Primary. He would sit in sacrament meeting waiting for the closing hymn because that meant it was almost time for Primary. His Sunbeams teacher Sister Debbie Johnson was so amazing. She encouraged his love of the Savior and of Primary. She still sends him a birthday card every year and is planning on attending his baptism.

I remember the first Primary program he was in. He worked hard to memorize his part and wasn't nervous at all. He made sure to invite everyone he could think of and then really struggled with being reverent as he HAD to tell every kid in his class about all his Grandparents who came to see him.

He is always volunteering to say the prayer, read a scripture, answer a question, or share an experience in Church, FHE, and family scripture time.

I have loved seeing how excited he is about getting baptised. He prayed and decided who he wanted to ask to participate in the service and I cried as I watched him call each person and ask, "I was wondering if you will (be a witness, give a talk, say a prayer, make yummy rolls, etc) my baptism." He even asked Josh, "Hey Dad, will you Baptize me?"

I am so blessed to get to say that I am his mother. I am so proud of him and will be forever thankful for his testimony and the strength that it has contributed to our family.

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