Friday, February 5, 2010

Doing Better

Well I think that as my last few posts have been a bit depressing, I should post an update on things.

I discovered yesterday that I can eat pretzels. They don't make me feel sick and, so far, I haven't thrown them up. Since yesterday, I have eaten pretzels and apple juice (as long as I only drink an ounce or two at a time) without getting sick. I know this probably doesn't sound like much of an improvement but it really is huge. I am actually able to eat something.

As I have not been vomiting as much, my heart rate has returned to normal. I am not sure about the blood pressure but am assuming that it is probably in the normal range again as well.

We still have no definite answer as to the baby's gender. The Dr is about 80% sure but I don't think we will share until it is closer to 100%. Honestly I'm much more worried about about the functioning of the heart (Benjamin was born with a heart condition. There is a chance that this baby will have one as well) than I am about what is between the legs.

Anyway, I really am okay. I have been working through some depression and anxiety about all this but really, you guys don't have to worry about me too much. I think that if I can survive two pregnancies, I am capable of ANYTHING!

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  1. Good for pretzels! Though I wasn't as sick as you, I did get IV therapy and lose more than 10 pounds with Claire by 9 weeks. I just kept finding what worked until it didn't. I lived for grape bubblegum. Tastes good, still has calories without really swallowing. Not sure how great it is for the teeth :)

    Here's to hoping the pretzels are a start to more food.