Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brigham Temple

This morning Josh and I attended the dedication of the Brigham City Temple. It has been so exciting to be so closely involved with this new Temple.

1. I remember watching General Conference at my mom's house when they announced that they would be building a Temple in Brigham. After the announcement, people in Brigham, especially our ward, talked about little else. Everyone was speculating about where it would be built.

2. I remember when the location was announced--in our ward boundaries!!! People started calling us the "Temple Ward."

3. Brianna was born about 3 weeks before the ground-breaking ceremony. She was born early and it was so perfect to be able to take her with us. It was so neat to be seated so close to where President Packer came in/spoke. Ben, Josh and I each took a turn digging up some dirt. Ben picked up a small rock and took it home. I wrote "Brigham Temple July 30 2010" on it for him.

4. We started taking walks by the Temple site to see the progress. It all came together so quickly.

5. I remember when they announced that they would be putting the Angel Moroni on top. For some reason, we weren't able to be there for that but we did go see it that night.

6. It was sad when we moved because we wouldn't get to watch the progress anymore. However, by the time we left, the outside of the building was complete so there really wasn't much more to watch anyway.

7. In July, I heard that the landscaping was complete so I decided to take the kids up there to see it. It was beautiful! Ben was so excited to see the completed Temple, he calls it his Temple.

8. Last month we attended the open house. We were able to walk through all the beautiful rooms and see all of our dear friends. Everything was so beautiful and just perfect.

9. Finally, the dedication today was amazing. President Packer sealed the corner stone and read the dedicatory prayer. The peaceful, spiritual feeling was so special. I only wish I could share it with my kids.

I know that the Brigham Temple will always be special to me and hopefully to my kids as well. I've been thinking a lot about how blessed we are to be able to watch a Temple be built in such a short amount of time. As well as to live in an area where there are so many Temples so close to us. I love the Temple. I love the peaceful feeling I have when I am there. And most of all, I love having an eternal family sealed together in the Temple.


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