Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Letter

In the beginning of the year, my car died. Through this trial, I learned to ask for help and to rely on my neighbours to get Ben to school.

In the spring, we learned that I was pregnant. In the summer, we found out that we were having another boy! Then, on September 6th, he passed away. This is probably the most difficult thing our family has ever experienced. I learned to allow myself to grieve, that's it's okay to feel sad and lost. I gained a stronger testimony of eternal families and of the strength and sisterhood of Relief Society. As I allowed others to serve me, and to share in my pain, I gained a sense of belonging in this ward and with my relief society sisters.

In June, Benjamin turned 6. He learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He made some new friends and spent most of his time outside playing. He started 1st grade and Loves it! He is reading everything!!!

In July, Brianna turned 2. She overcame he fear of slides, learned to jump on the trampoline, and to swing on the swings.

We had several visits to the hospital, a few calls to poison-control, and a couple to 911. 11 stitches, 1 concussion, and 2 bouts with pneumonia.

We attended the open-house and dedication of the Brigham City Temple.

Josh was called to serve in the Young-Mens presidency. Brianna started going to Nursery and LOVES it! Every morning she wakes up and asks, "It nursery day mommy?"

Overall, this year, I have gained a testimony of service. Not only that of serving others but also of asking for help and allow others to serve me. I have learned about forgiveness, and being forgiven. And most of all, I have learned that Families are meant to be eternal. That Heavenly Father really does love and care about every one of his children. Even the tiniest ones.


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