Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Goals

As we start this new year, our Bishop has challenged us to set goals, as a family, that will help us move closer to the saviour.

Last year, we set a goal to have family scripture and prayer every morning. We have been pretty good about doing this. I have watched my family grow closer together, gain stronger testimonies, and it has even improved Ben's reading.

This year I have decided that we will:
1-Be healthier
2-Stick to our budget
3-Have companion scripture study and prayer every night

Be healthier-
I am planning to make healthy meals, stop drinking soda and eating out so much. I also plan to exorcise five-days a week.

Stick to our budget-
This is something I really struggle with. I plan to keep track of my spending. I often go to the store and throw a bunch of stuff in the cart without looking at the price. Plan meals and activities in advance. This will help keep me from last-minute trips to the store to buy only a few items. And finally to start giving the kids an allowance. This will help teach them learn to budget. And, when they want something, I can say "Do you have money?" instead of just buying it for them.

Scripture Study and Prayer-
This is something I have struggled with a lot lately. I think setting it as a goal and making a commitment to do better, will really keep me motivated. I know that doing this daily will strengthen my marriage and help to bring us, as well as our family, closer to the Saviour.

I think I will put something on the sidebar of this blog to show how I am doing with these goals. Hopefully keeping up with it on here will keep me motivated to keep trying "a little harder to be a little better."

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