Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Job

I just completed three FULL days of Orientation/Training for my new job. I spent all three days missing my kids SO MUCH!

On the first day, I had to fill-out and sign more paperwork than when we closed on our house. I had to pass a background check and have a TB test. I got a badge with my name, picture, and employee number on it. Finally I go onto a computer and set-up everything I will need including, but not limited to, the 3 different passwords and names I have to use each time I log-on to the portal.

The second day involved going over how to handle various situations like what to do when you suspect abuse. We went over, in great detail, why it's not okay to have inappropriate relationships with patients. We are also not allowed to yell-at, hit, or restrain any patients.

Today I learned about ALL the policies and procedures. Everything that could possibly happen and exactly how to document and report it. I learned what to do if someone pulls a weapon on me. What to do if a patient kills, or threatens to kill, someone...or themselves. I learned about handling and distributing medications and helping clients reach their goals.

The crazy thing is, after ALL this, I'm still excited. I am so ready to help these people. I know that this is were God wants me to be. He led me to my decision to major in Psychology. He helped me pass all my classes. And, most of all, My Heavenly Father has blessed me with a great love and understanding for people with mental disorders. I believe that these people are also children of God and that he loves and cares for each and everyone of them.

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